Attend the most powerful goal setting workshop you have ever experienced!

Less than 10% of people have clearly defined, written goals. Which is why most people struggle to achieve their goals and dreams. 

Be part of the 10% and experience a workshop where you will actually go through the process of identifying your most important goals, creating quarterly and monthly action plans, and build a level of commitment that makes achieving your goals INEVITABLE! 

Set Your 2024 Goals, Create Your Action Plans, & Build Your Commitment!

This is NOT a "learning" workshop. YOU will be DOING the exercises and creating your plans!

What's Included:

2 Day Workshop that guides you through the process of: 
  • Getting Crystal Clear Your Goals: You will complete an extensive series of goal setting exercises to develop clearly defined goals with milestones and measurable indicators.
  • ​Create Action Plans: You will create the framework and steps needed to make your yearly goals a reality. This prevents overwhelm and aids you in their achievement.
  • ​Build an UNSTOPPABLE Commitment: You will experience a process of deepening your commitment so that you can overcome any obstacle that gets in your way!
  • ​​LUNCH! - A warm and hearty lunch will be provided each day at the venue so you don't have to worry about rushing around and bad roads.
  • PLUS MUCH MORE! We have several other things planned that will compliment and compound the results of the process!

Special Bonuses:

  • Course Guidebook: Your guidebook that steps you through each exercise and keeps you on track throughout the year.
  • ​Recordings: We will cover a lot of ground and you will be able to go back and revisit key sections to help you ensure you maximize the process.
  • ​Special Trainings from Brian: 3 trainings that will show you have to make your goals happen even faster & easier!
  •  Unleash Your Fear
  • ​5 things you are doing wrong with your personal growth

9AM - 5PM

Best Western Plus Loveland Inn
5542 E. US HWY 34

Lunch will be provided

PYC is an excellent way to gain clarity and focus on where you want to go. Going through the whole process helped me refine what I really want to accomplish and how I am going to get there. The “Pain of Failure” exercise had the biggest impact on me. It will fuel my efforts throughout the coming year.

Shayla, attended 12/28/21
PYC is a much more in-depth workshop than anything I have ever seen! We actually did the work instead of being taught how and motivated to do it. The exercises we did in the commitment building section were very powerful. It had a lot of emotion and allowed me to dive deep into my why and give me the fuel to endure the tough times I know I will face as I pursue my goals. The step-by-step process made it easy and helped me create a compelling future for the coming year.

Lyndsay, attended 12/28/21

Can't make it on these dates? Check out the virtual edition that you can start INSTANTLY and complete at your own pace!

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Total Value: $4,397

Regular investment for this workshop: $497

End of Year Special is only $347

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I was able to crystalize my ideas in one convenient process. It’s not just about business. It’s about designing the life you want. I included my health and relationships into my goals so I can enjoy a richer, fuller life. The how and why exercises were great at breaking down my big goals and giving me the fuel to achieve them!

Ken O., attended 1/4/22
PYC is totally worth it! It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly you need to do to reach your goals but after this course, I have TOTAL clarity! The step-by-step process made the complicated simple. I loved the energy and motivation. Great program Thank you so much!

Jamie G., attended 1/4/22
PYC was very enlightening for me. I loved the powerful “why” exercises. They helped me to create a much deeper why than I had before. The “Pain of Failure” exercise was the biggest impact for me. It showed me the pain of staying where I am.

Jenn, attended 12/28/21
PYC22 was GREAT! It was helpful to get away from the office and focus on setting goals and creating the strategic plans I will need to reach them. The commitment building was insightful. I have a much stronger and powerful WHY than I did before. The homework and scoreboard will help me stay on track throughout the year. Thanks so much!

Ashley D., attended 12/28/21
PYC was very thought provoking. Walking through all the stages helped me to actually create an action plan that will guide me step by step to the next level in my business. Extremely helpful. I have much more confidence in my goals than I have in the past.

Gene, Attended 12/28/21
PYC is a great way to get clear and organized about your goals. It really helped me link my goals together and create detailed plans to accomplish them. I really appreciated the step-by-step approach and guidance I got from Brian and the program. The “pain of failure” exercise was powerful and it’s already pushing me forward. PYC will challenge you to reach your next level.

Ashley L., attended 1/4/22
Brian lovegrove
Leadership developer & Results coach
Brian Lovegrove Coaching
Brian started his own personal development at a very young age and his first job in the industry was helping promote and put-on seminars for Tony Robbins. He is an Amazon Best Selling Author and has partnered with several of the biggest names in the personal growth and leadership training industry. 

His big ah-ha moment was that learning is not enough to make lasting change. He realized that most books and training programs only give the student the theory with little to no practical experience which is why most training only lasts for a little while. 

Brian has created the 5 Keys of Success to guide people to develop the skills and strategies to truly become successful in every aspect of life. 

Now Brian helps his clients design and implement those strategies to live a successful AND fulfilling life. What he calls, “Being Incredible.”
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